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Stop the "I'm booooored" from coming out of your kids mouths this summer with these ideas!

by Jessie Hawkins

Go Play!

Boogie Down in Your Living Room
Download fun, bouncy songs with a happening beat and have a dance party in your livingroom.  ps..girls love this one, boys...are okay with doing this lol

Help Your Little Ones Make New Friends
  Go to the playground or at enroll in a daycare.  Your little ones sometimes they need a little help meeting new people and this is one or two ways to do it!

Master the Jump Rope
Games, songs, twirling techniques -- proof, once again, that the simplest toys can provide hours of fun!

Try These Ball Games
When kicking, catching, and throwing grow old, don't just toss the ball in the closet. Decorate it with markers, try to catch it with towels, or make up new rules for kickball.  Get rackets and birdies, a volley ball or basketball and dribble in the garage or basement!

Chill Out with Yoga
They'll have fun trying to balance on one foot, and you'll both get to take a few deep breaths!

Rock Out with Some Musical Toys
Let tinkling melodies and crashing drums be your Summer soundtrack!

Celebrate Fathers!
Looking for ways to make Father's Day (or any day) great for dad? Make cards and crafts with mac n cheese, string, cardboard...anything!

Educate Yourself about Their Video Games
Got a video game junkie at home? ESRB's ratings can help you buy the best games for his age.  Play some video games with them!

Let Them Read Graphic Novels
Reading is reading, whether it's a novel or the side of a cereal box. Just make sure you approve of the content! Bonus: struggling readers will benefit from the visual clues to the story.

There's always the beach, going for a hike or bike ride,  mini golf in Tower and Chisholm, MN, the Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth, the Como zoo in the cities and more!  No more "I'm boooored"  from those little buggers!