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Disney News for Parents of Toddlers - GREAT Idea for Parents

by Corey Carter

Found this article about the new programs that Disney is adding to Netflix


We're very excited about Handy Manny.  My 3 1/2 year old daughter LOVES Handy Manny. So much that she even goes to bed with her "tools" and hard-hat.

My wife and I had to invest in a NEW DVD player a few months ago, and I had NO idea about the streaming Netflix ability THRU the DVD player.  WOW!!

Now, instead of buying a DVD like "Finding Nemo" or "Mosnters Inc" and watching it a MILLION times until you can't stand it as a parent, you can very it up and watch like ANY episode EVER of Dora the Explorer (I think there are over 90) or many other

We all know "TV Time" shouldn't be a constant thing in your child's life, but we also know that "TV Time" sometimes = "A chance to get something done around the house"  :)

Certainly a worthwhile investment if you don't have a Netflix-enabled DVD player to invest in one!