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First-Ever Summer Camp!

by David Kuharski

From a very serious topic--to a not-so-serious one...

Our son Caleb is away at Summer Bible Camp.  This is the first time he's been away.  Yeah, our oldest has spent time with his grandparents, even spending the night when they were visiting town, but no longer than maybe a day or two. 

So, there we were--Julie and I sending him off at our church Sunday.  And, true to form, Caleb wasn't weepy (we were) and he was ready for us to leave, when we weren't!  But the good news is, he's having a fun time and he's with good people. 

Even with five other smaller kiddos, Julie and I have been marveling at how his absence is glaring.  I'll pass a W-T-G onto Julie who has been a champ as far as being away from her little man for several days now.  

Parents with little ones--beware--summer camp time is coming, but take heart, it'll end too!