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Good Clean Family Fun

by David Kuharski

As parents we try to shield our kids from the ugliness of this world.  Whether its a violent movie, risque song lyrics, twerking... need I say more... I got some insight from a co-worker Sunday that I wanted to pass along.  Shameless plug now-- 610 KDAL hosted its annual 'Polkapalooza'.  Awesome success!  We practically packed the venue even though there was fresh, greasy snowfall and single digit temperatures.  It was my first time at this event.  And just moments after walking through the door to the hall, I saw little girls dancing! In fact I saw the young and old enjoying the good food, friends and, most importantly, good music!  I realized I could've easily brought my family--and they would've had a blast!  BUT-- I didn't.  They stayed home.  So, a few minutes later there I am talking with the venerable, Twin Ports D-J Pat 'The Cat' Cadigan, who hosts 'The Midwest Polka Party' http://kdal610.com/shows/show/midwest-polka-party/  . We were talking about how cute it was to see kids out on the dance floor getting their best 'polka' on!  He told me, 'See, this is clean, good music.  People just want to have fun! I'd rather see kids out on the dance floor here then listening to some of the music out there now.'  And he was absolutely right!  Next year, my plan is to bring the family--I'll work--they can have fun and I'll know it's family friendly!  Heck one of the bands performing was 'The Chmielewski Funtime Band' whose members range