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18 weeks officially in Maternity clothes

by Nikki Montgomery

Is it just me or does every woman try to hang on to their regular clothes as long as possible when they're pregnant? I have been wearing maternity shirts for about a week now and this morning I finally caved and pulled out my maternity jeans. I'm much more comfortable. 

This baby is due the day before my daughter's 2nd birthday so I'm pregnant the same seasons so I thought I was set with maternity clothes, but it's so darn cold! All my long sleeve maternity shirts are too big because they're meant for when I'm 8 and 9 months pregnant. I've been getting by wearing zip up hoodies with my t-shirts, but I that makes me look lazy. I guess I may have to go buy a few more tops. Thumbs down! I hate shopping while pregnant. Is it just me?

I'm 18 weeks along and so far I've actually gained less weight than I'm supposed to, but I was sick a couple months ago so that could be part of the reason why. Even though I've gained less weight than expected my belly sure is poppin! They weren't kidding when they said you show faster when you are pregnant with your second baby. It doesn't help that I'm short and have a short torso so there's nowhere for the baby to go but out. 

It's fun to think my baby is the size of a bell pepper, looks like a human and is developing an identity because finger and toe prints are forming this week.