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Great Service Goes a Long Way

by Nikki Montgomery

On Sunday my family met up with some friends from Appleton for lunch. Going out to eat takes a lot of planning. We have to go somewhere big enough to accommodate our group and infant carriers, that offers food our 2 year old will eat, and is loud enough that if our kids are a little loud we won't disrupt everyone's meals. We decided to meet at Buffalo Wild Wings in Stevens Point. What a great decision that was. The service was amazing!

Once we were seated our waitress took our drink and appetizer order, that's when my 2 year old, Mia, told her she wanted a pickle. We all chuckled. Before our drinks even arrived at the table another server brought Mia a pickle. We did not expect that she would actually get Mia a pickle, but boy was Mia tickled pink to see it. 

During our meal Josh and Mia were playing and Mia ended up tipping over in her booster seat. Josh grabbed her by the legs so she didn't fall on her head. She was a little scared, but she wasn't hurt even though she was crying. The manager saw it happen and came over and asked her if she wanted to play the toy game with him. You know the one with the claw. She instantly stopped crying, smiled and said, "Yeah." He took money out of his own wallet to play the game with her and won her a toy on the first try. It's a crazy black ball with a smiley face on it. She loved it. She wouldn't put it down the rest of the time we were there and she forgot all about that scary moment she almost fell.

When our server brought us our bills and to go boxes she gave Mia her own to go box with a pickle in it. She even drew smiley faces and stars all over the box so Mia would know that was hers. There was no charge on our bill for either of those pickles. 

It's so hard for a family like ours to go out to eat anywhere. Two infants and a two year old is a lot to manage at a restaurant, but we will definitely make it a point to take our business back to Buffalo Wild Wings. They made what could have been a very stressful event for us into a wonderful experience.