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While other birthing centers close Ministry Saint Michael's prepares for more babies

by Nikki Montgomery

I just read the news story about 2 more birthing centers in WI shutting down. Apparently due to a shortage of OB doctors. Read the full story here . 

While other hospitals are struggling to keep their birth center doors open Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital in Stevens Point prepares to deliver more babies than ever adding another doctor to their already stellar team of OBs.

Dr. Vo-Hill, has returned to Ministry Saint Michael's after practicing elsewhere for a handful of years. She joins 6 other doctors on the floor. She has been practicing medicine since 2002 and she did her professional training, internship and residency all in Madison. 

I got to meet Dr. Vo-Hill recently as she assisted my regular doctor, Dr. Keegan, during a procedure I had done. Dr. Vo-Hill is kind, gentle, patient and her presence puts you at ease. She has an amazing bedside manner. When you're delivering a baby it would be very nice to have someone like her guiding you through it. 

Learn more about Dr. Vo-Hill and the whole OB/GYN team at Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital's Free Pregnancy Fair February 6th from 6 to 8pm at Ministry Saint Michael's Hosptial in Stevens Point. Register online  now or you can register at the door. 

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