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Cruzing into Summer

by PJ Lacey

Grabbed some summer time fun yesterday, first stop, picking up the Cruze!

After some wings and hoops, we cruised down Capitol Avenue for power shopping

Love the push button start and all the Cruze's bells and whistles, looking good on a sunny day with the sunroof open, two tone dash, it even tells me where I parked!

The turbo charge had a sporty response around the semi's on I-94 for a stop at Firekeepers Casino, then we headed up to Cornwell's to pick up purses, yard ornaments, and some shades in the gift shop.

Still had room for the half-off, geraniums when we got back to town in the trunk and plenty in the Cruze with the 60/40 split back seats. After unloading, we didn't even have to top off the tank with 46 mpg! Cruise to W. Michigan Chevy Dealers facebook for a shot at seeing Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, and Keith Urban at the Faster Horses Fest.