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Your man hates your shoes

by Nikki Montgomery

Women often buy shoes for fashion rather than comfort and we put our poor feet through the ringer. Why do we do it? We think it makes us look more attractive right? Well, your man probably disagrees with your choice in footwear. 

80% of guys say they actually do pay attention to their wives' or girlfriends' shoes and 60% of them dislike the shoes they wear.

A poll revealed men's least-favorite women's shoe styles:

  1. Wedges - I love wedges. They are so much easier to walk in then heels and still give me some height. I own like 6 pair!
  2. Uggs - oh yeah these are ugly 
  3. Crocs - the ugliest shoes on the planet they should be banned!
  4. Platforms - I used to wear them now I'm over them in favor of wedges
  5. Flip-flops - Summer staple come on guys!
  6. Moccasins - yeah these are only okay and only sometimes okay if they're slippers
  7. Mary Janes - they're cute on a 5 year old
  8. Ballet shoes - I was pretty pumped when these became popular because they're comfy, but they really don't do anything for your legs.
  9. Kitten heels - ladies these are for little girls who can't walk in big girl heels so I gotta agree with the guys on this one
  10. Sneakers - so what I'm getting here is that guys only like girls to wear 3 inch or higher heels everything else is on this list.