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Bulaga done for the year. Activate the Bruce Wilkerson signal!

by Jon Henseler

EXACTLY how I felt when I came in to work this morning. Here I was laying down to get some sleep last night feeling pretty good. Brewers got a win, Packers family night went off without a hitch, NBC Sunday Night Football was back on TV, RL Stine came out with a new thriller on Kindle, you know altogether a nice little Sunday evening. Then I wake up on Monday morning*, get into the studio to do 5am sports for WHBL and what do I see as the first two tidbits sent down from Learfield Sports? Bryan Bulaga done for the year. Ouch. Pretty big shock to the system. Not as big a shock as when I found out Uncle Phil is the voice of Shredder, but pretty big. Then I scroll down; Vince Young coming to Green Bay for a workout on Monday. Wow. So then I said to myself, I says 'Jon', I says, pretty cute how Greg Jennings hacked into Learfield and tried to ruin your Monday morning with those two articles right from the get go. So next (after a brief stop at The Chive for some FLBP to clear my head) I wander over to the Journal Sentinel's website. Yup! Both stories true. Not what I would call a great start to the 2013-14 campaign. 

Now with all that said, the Bulaga situation is clearly an issue. We didn't sign anyone really for depth so my guess is Marshall Newhouse moves back to LT to protect Aaron Rodgers' blind side. Which should give make Aaron Rodgers about comfortable as a watermelon at Gallagher's house. Problem is there's not much out there in terms of free agency so my guess is you either do that or roll the dice with this Bakhtiari kid and see what happens. But when we're saying 'roll the dice' and 'see what happens' where Aaron Rodgers long term health is concerned I've got to admit I'm about as nervous as I was in middle school anytime a DJ at a dance said 'now let's slow it down'. Unless Vince Young put on about 100 pounds when he was out of the NFL last year and he's trying out for tackle instead of QB? Maybe he was on the Jamarcus Russell offseason 'eat all the things' workout plan? I dunno. I will say that between the Brewers this season and the Packers the last 3, the impact players being knocked out for the whole season story-line is about as played out as my Seinfeld metaphors.

*I was going to start this blog with 'news came down late last night' but I'm pretty sure it came down at like 10pm. Which at my advancing age meant I was in hour 4 of REM sleep for the night.

PS: I hope while Vince Young is in town he swings by Sheboygan and gives me back the $50 he stole from me during the 2006 Rose Bowl. That was one of my first bets ever made and all I had was USC to win. Reggie Bush, Matt Leinhart, Dwayne Jarret, Lendale White. Just no way that team loses in what was basically a home game. Then Vince Young comes out with a performance for the ages steals my money right from my hands. And $50 when you're in college is no joke. That's like $5,000 in the real people money. Plus I'm pretty sure that loss is what sent my down the rabbit hole of degenerate level gambling which has led to untold losses since. Maybe if I would have won that bet I would have taken my $92 and never gone back again. So compounding that, plus interest I'd say Vince Young owes me around infinity times infinity dollars.

Double PS: You know who is sneaky happy about this news? Mason Crosby. Bro, you're almost out of continues.