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Carlos Gomez Amazing Game

by Jon Henseler

Well folks put that one right next to Everybody Loves Raymond in the Carlos Gomez 2013 Boner Jams. Just pure, unadulterated filth right there. And the best part about the whole scene are the reactions from everybody. K-Rod clearly thinks he blew a save, Miller Park turns quieter than the Bradley Center on a weeknight home game in January, and Joey Votto struts his ass out of the box like he just gave the team the lead. Kind of reminds me of that scene with Chaz Reinhold in Wedding Crashers for Votto. 'Oh look at me I just won the game! Honey take a good picture....ahhhh I'm dead.' And if this doesn't seal the deal for Gomez on his way to a Gold Glove then there is something wrong. Like Jethro Tull winning a Grammy for Heavy Metal wrong. I realize that the team isn't winning but Gomez has been making plays like this all season. This one just happened to come with the team up one run, a runner on first, two outs and two strikes. I know you can't technically give a center fielder a save but he certainly deserves one. 

PS: This play is why gambling on games is such a roller coaster. Over/under on total runs was 7.5. If Gomez doesn't make this play and you bet the over you win your bet when the Brewers were one strike away from ending it. If you bet the under Gomez not only saved the Brewers the game, he also saved you from having to buy fake mustaches to dodge your bookie. Either way you look like this after the play is over: