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Larry Sanders on a roll since his contract extension!

by Jon Henseler

Preach Frank! Preach! So yesterday it came out that Larry Sanders was cited back in January for cruelty to animals. Apparently he left his puppy German Shepards out in 17 degree weather for hours on end with no food and water. Now I don't want to get into a whole thing about 'some dogs are fine in that weather blah blah blah' but I think we can all agree that PUPPIES outside for that long in winter is no bueno. On the flip side, let's not make him out to be Michael Vick either. But to say Larry's been rolling in 2013 is an understatement. We gift him a 44 million dollar deal in the off season and since then he's been totally inept on the court, gotten into a fight at a club where he broke a bottle of champagne on some bro's head, needed surgery on his hand after said fight at the club which will have him out 6 weeks, gotten a tattoo with the word 'receive' spelled incorrectly , and now the animal cruelty charges. Your Milwaukee Bucks ladies and gentlemen! Where sh!tshows happen!

PS: If only Dalton were still around at Club 720 to stop Larry. Your too stupid to have a good time!