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I admit it now...I'm proud of the Wings

by Jim McKinney

I have never been, nor will I ever probably be, a regular season NHL fan.  Oh sure, I'll pay attention to some of the Red Wings' contests...but until the Stanley Cup playoffs start...I really don't keep track of the league.  And this season, thanks to Gary "The Worst Commissioner in Any Sport" Bettman, I almost missed out on it all.  But the Red Wings made it, albeit by the skin of their Winged Wheel, and entered an uphill climb to the Holy Grail...the Stanley Cup.  As a 7th seed, the team faced an Anaheim team that was supposed to send Detroit home early.  Nope.  As Bugs Bunny said so well once..."duck season".  Enter the hated Blackhawks, who play rough and look even worse.  The Red Wings said yeah right...took a 3-1 lead in the best of seven...and suddenly it looked like Motown would rise again.  Sigh.  Chicago proved why it was the #1 seed...took advantage of the fact that there are Pee Wee squads with a better power play than the Wings...and won out in seven games.  But...take heart o Detroit fans...this was a team that really shouldn't have been in the playoffs in the first place...rode a hot goalie through the first round...and gave the best team in the NHL a battle and a half.  Bravo Red Wings...bravo.  Now build on this season...and set your helmets for next season.