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This is really stupid

by Jason Miller

So I'm sitting here looking over the internet for stories to post on the WNFL webiste, wnflam.com.  And I came across this Footlocker ad.  It says, Favre finally learns to walk away.  So of course I have to watch it.  It's 60 seconds of my life that I will never get back.  If Favre wants to poke fun at himself, go ahead but dude, you really need that paycheck from Footlocker?  You really can't just let it go?  You can't just let something, that has made some stay with you and some hate you forever, go?  But a better question is this.  Why are you relevant anymore for Footlocker?  You are a grey haired, high school offensive coordinator, who still have an agent who thinks you can play football at the highest level but then you turn around and beatch about how you are having adverse affects from concussions?  You need to go AWAY.  Just be retired and wait till your day in Canton.  After you get in the HOF, you can be out there again because there will be reason to talk about you again.  Shame on you and Footlocker for having your involvement in this commercial.  Not to mention its a bad ad.  There are two things I don't want to see.  Tyson and Holyfield hugging and Brett Favre talking about knowing when to stop.  Footlocker, you are better than this.

You take a look and be judge for yourself.