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The Sportscaster Jinx Is Real

by Joe

In baseball it is a known rule that if you notice your pitcher starting to develop a no-hitter or a perfect game that you do NOT talk to him or mention it. The same thing happens with field goal kickers in the NFL. I remember the 1998 NFC Championship Game because my dad (a lifelong Vikings fan) said the announcer jinxed then kicker Gary Anderson (who was perfect on field goal's and extra points all season) before the kick. Sure enough, Anderson misses the attempt that mattered and the Atlanta Falcons go to the Super Bowl. 

It's more common to notice a no-hitter/perfect game in baseball and they seem to happen a lot more now than in the past 50+ years of the game. One television broadcast recently between the Texas Rangers and Oakland Athletics noticed a developing no hitter and didn't make a mention of it. In fact, this is how they acknowledged it:


(Photo via BuzzFeed)

Turns out that even TYPING IT jinxed the pitcher as he gave up a hit in the 7th inning. The sportscaster jinx is real, just like the Sports Illustrated cover jinx, and the Madden cover jinx (although Ray Lewis is one of the only ones to never have it effect him). 

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