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10 bold and somewhat bold predictions about the 2014 Detroit Tigers

by Colin Windecker

1.Raja Davis will steal 60 bases and the Tigers will lead the American League in stolen bases. Davis had 45 steals in 108 games last season with the Blue Jays and will get more opportunities to showcase his speed especially with Andy Dirks on the shelf. Even when he doesnt start, Davis will be used frequently as a pinch runner and given the green light to go. Austin Jackson and Ian Kinsler will also steal 20 bases each, propelling the Tigers from worst to first in stolen bases in just one season under Brad Ausmus.

2. Speaking of Austin Jackson, he will hit 20 home runs this season as well.

3. Phil Coke remains on the roster all year. Tigers fans have fallen out of love with the left hander and this is most likely his final season in Detroit. But he will be in Detroit all year. As long he only pitches to lefties he is a decent veteran option to have in your bullpen.

4. Justin Verlander wins the Cy Young Award. If Spring Training was any indication, JV is back after having core muscle surgery during the off-season. The 2011 Cy Young winner tossed 20 plus scoreless innings during the spring and looks like the JV of old.

5. Anibal Sanchez finishes higher on the Cy Young ballot than Max Scherzer. Sanchez has fallen in love with the pitcher friend dimensions of Comerica Park and owns opponents in Detroit including a near no-hitter and a 17 strikeout performance last year. Scherzer has the weight of the world on his shoulders right now after declining a six-year $144 million deal from the Tigers last week.

6. Miguel Cabrera wins his third straight MVP but doesnt win the Triple Crown. Mike Trout closes the gap and there is an actual conversation about who the winner should be. Cabby will lead the league in batting average, and RBIs but will fall short in the home run category. Hell make up for it by leading the league in walks instead.

7. Nick Castellanos hits .280 with 17 home runs and 80 RBIs and finishes third in the AL Rookie of the Year voting.

8. Victor Martinez hits. 320 and drives in over 110 runs hitting behind Cabrera.

9. Rick Porcello has his best season of his career. The righty is entering his sixth season for the Tigers as a 25-year old, an age where most starting pitchers are only a year or two into their young careers, so its safe to say the best years are still ahead for Porcello. Porcellos strikeout rate increased last year while his hits allowed were down. An improved Tigers infield will increase the groundball heavy Porcellos efficiency. He finishes the season with an ERA under four for the first time since his rookie year and strikes out a career high.

10. The Tigers win 94 games, the AL Central, the American League Pennant and the World Series in six games over the St. Louis Cardinals.