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Live: Pick by pick update of 2013 NBA Draft

by Colin Windecker

As the draft continues I will give my guess on each selection, plus the actual pick and my thoughts of each selection

1. Cleveland: 

My Guess: Nerlens Noel

Actual Pick: Anthony Bennett - Wow, not one mock draft had Bennett going number 1, but the pick makes sense. Many scouts had Bennett has the most talented prospect in the draft. He'll fit in nicely with the Cavs.

2. Orlando

My Guess: Nerlens Noel

Actual Pick: Victor Oladipo - 0-2 so far. Best defender in basketball and will fit in nicely with the Magic. His leadership in the locker room is needed for a team that is clearly in rebuilding mode.

3. Washington

My Guess: Otto Porter

Actual Pick: Otto Porter - Finally got one right, but so did everyone else. Pretty much the only consensus of the draft. He's exactly what the Wiz need, a wing to play off of Wall and Beal. Good Pick Washington

4. Charlotte

My Guess: Nerlens Noel...one time!!

Actual Pick: Cody Zeller - This pick had been rumored over the last few days. I think he might be a little soft for the NBA but runs up and down the floor like a gazelle and should be solid player for the Bobcats, soon to be Hornets. 

5. Phoenix: 

My Guess: Noel...can't picture him slipping any further than this. If he does there must be huge concerns over his knee.

Actual Pick: Alex Len - This is why I don't work for ESPN. I really think Len will be a bust. He's big, raw, and is soft. I still think Noel would have been a better pick, but like I said before there must be tons of red flags over Noel's knee.

6. New Orleans

My Guess: Noel

Actual Pick: Noel - Finally he gets picked! Going to make a fearsome front court with him and Anthony Davis. ***Noel has been traded to Philadelphia***

7. Sacramento

My Guess: CJ McCollum 

Actual Pick: Ben McLemore - Rumors all week were that the Kings were going to take McCollum but with McLemore on the board they had to take the former Jayhawk. He is going to be an All-Star for years.

8. Detroit

My Guess: Trey Burke

Actual Pick: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - Thought Burke had to be the pick here but Caldwell can shoot. Looks like Knight will stay at the point. 

9. Minnesota

My Guess: CJ McCollum

Actual Pick: Trey Burke - Don't see how he fits with Minnesota with Rubio at the point but I trust in Flip Saunders. Could be traded as well. ***Traded to Utah for the #14 and 21 picks****

10. Portland 

My Guess: McCollum

Actual Pick: McCollum - Trailblazers go small school for the second straight year. Will play the two with Lillard at the point. Steph Curry clone.

11. Philadelphia 

My Guess: Michael Carter-Williams

Actual Pick: MCW - Look at that two right in a row! Really good play maker but needs to work on his shooting. His height 6'6 makes him unique but will be a project for the Sixers.  

12. Oklahoma City

My Guess: Steven Adams

Actual Pick: Adams - Three in a row, now that's a streak! OKC is going to run into cap issues in a few years and with the pick of Adams now they can make either Serge Ibaka or Kendrick Perkins tradable.

13. Dallas

My Guess: Dennis Schroeder

Actual Pick: Kelly Olynyk - According to Chad Ford this pick is going to Boston for the 16th pick and other pieces. Olynyk will take over at PF once KG is traded which could happen very soon

14. Utah (Going to Minnesota) 

My Guess: Shabazz Muhammad

Actual Pick: Muhammad - If this pick goes to Minny as expected the Timberwolves in my opinion got a steal. Questions about his work ethic and a report coming out that he is a year older than thought dropped his stock. But he can score and will play well with Rubio and Love. Going to work his butt off to prove all the doubters wrong. 

15. Milwaukee 

My Guess: Schroeder

Actual Pick: Giannis Anteokounmpo - Who? A big unknown and this kid will probably not play in the NBA this year but seems to have a high upside.

16. Celtics (Going to Dallas)

My Guess: Schroeder

Actual Pick: Lucas Nogueira - From Brazil and will stay overseas for a year or two. Good pick by Dallas who are trying to free up as much cap space as possible to sign either Dwight Howard or Chris Paul

17. & 18. Atlanta

My Guesses: Mason Plumlee & Shane Larkin

Actual Picks: Schroeder & Larkin - Hawks take two point guards, signaling the Jeff Teague era in Atlanta is over. But it looks like Larkin is about to be traded to Dallas. Trade is still being put together.

19. Cleveland

My Guess: Jamaal Franklin  

Actual Pick: Sergey Karasev - Russian guard who plans on playing in the US next year

20. Chicago

My Guess: Plumlee

Actual Pick: Tony Snell - Not a fan of this pick unless the Bulls are looking to trade Deng, which there have been plenty of rumors that they are

21. Utah (Pick going to Minnesota)

My Guess: Franklin 

Actual Pick: Gorgui Dieng - Assuming this pick goes to Minny Dieng provides depth behind Love and  Pekovic. All defense not much offense 

22. Brooklyn

My Guess: Tony Mitchell 

Actual Pick: Plumlee - He was my second guess behind Mitchell but was the best player left and will be solid presences backing up Brook Lopez.

23. Indiana

My Guess: Tim Hardaway Jr.

Actual Pick: Solomon Hill - If Danny Grainger doesn't resign after next season or if the Pacers look to trade him, Hill will be able to fill in nicely. NBA ready after spending four years at 'Zona

24. New York

My Guess: Franklin 

Actual Pick: Hardaway Jr. - Very versatile player who I think should have gone much higher. Great athlete and scorer. Will replace JR Smith who will leave the Knicks via free agency.

25. Clippers

My guess: Franklin...hopefully fourth times a charm!

Actual Pick: Reggie Bullock - Not picking Franklin again...Bullock is a great shooter, something the Clippers need. Bold prediction Bullock starts at least 20 games this year.

26. Minnesota 

My Guess: Alex Abrines 

Actual Pick: Roberson - Looks like he will be dealt to Golden State. My guess was based on Minny taking the best European and stashing him overseas for a year or two and Abrines was the best still on the board. Roberson has a huge wingspan and for a guy only 6'7 averaged over 11 boards in the last two seasons. 

27. Denver

My Guess: Franklin!

Actual Pick: Rudy Gobert - Gobert was projected to go higher and is a great pickup for the Nuggets. His 7'9 wingspan is one of the longest in NBA history.

28. San Antonio 

My Guess: Franklin! 

Actual Pick: Livio Jean-Charles - Done picking Franklin for real this time. Can't believe he's slipped this far. Spurs going international again. Jean-Charles will be stashed overseas for a few years.

29. Oklahoma City

My Guess: Isaiah Caanan 

Actual Pick: Archie Goodwin - This pick is going to Phoenix. Goodwin has a lot of athletic ability but was out of position at Kentucky and a great value pick for Goodwin. He was one of the most highly recruited high school players just a year ago.

30. Phoenix

My Guess: Mitchell 

Actual Pick: Nemanja Nedovic - This pick will go down in history as they last 1st round selection David Stern ever announced. 

6 out of 30 correct...I'll stick to my day job.