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Borland Makes Defense Special

by Tom King

The Wisconsin Badger football team will not play in the Big Ten Championship game this year. Ohio State and Michigan State have earned their spots. But the Badgers continue to win and are now poised for a possible BCS at-large berth and an invite to one of the big bowls. They have risen to 15th in the BCS standings after their win over Minnesota on Saturday. The top 14 in the poll have a shot at a BCS game. Alot of the talk as been about the two-headed rushing attack of Melvin Gordon and James White but equally as important to the Badger success has been the stoutness of the defense. They havent given up a touchdown in the last two weeks. And a big part of that defense is Chris Borland. He continues to be a beast out there. Flying to the football playing sideline to sideline and always playing with a high motor. Its hard to take your eyes off him when Wisconsin's defense is on the field. He is the proverbial difference maker. I've done alot of high school football games over the years and the gut he most reminds me of is Mark Zalewski. Zalewski was a two-way standout at Wausau East back in the early 2000's who later had a solid, if injury plagued career as a linebacker at Wisconsin. Like Borland, Zalewski was undersized but tough and fast and made plays all over the field. Borland has been able to fight through his injuries and continue to play at the highest level and if the Badgers make a big bowl game, a big reason will be the play of Chris Borland. Can he stay healthy enough to play at the next level? I think injuries would be the only thing that will keep him from playing on Sundays.

James White continues to amaze. How can a guy who played two years behind Montee Ball(who led the nation in touchdowns) be the active leader in touchdowns right now? You can see White having a nice NFL career can' you?

It was a bit surprising to me that Matt Flynn was able to do what he did yesterday. Yes he gave the Packers a spark in the second half but I'm not going to go as gaga as the announcers and twitter reporters were. Let's face it...a big part of that comeback was the ineptitude and stupid penalties from the Vikings...and the play of Eddie Lacy. How could Minnesota continue to not cover Lacy out of the backfield?

I've also decided to avoid social media on game-days. The vitriol and criticism of even veteran reporters is too annoying. I'm used to fans being as fickle as they are...but when reporters believe that they know better than the coaching staff as to who should  be playing...and why certain players are struggling in games...it's become too much.

The Badger men's basketball team is 7-0 and head to Mexico where they will play St. Louis on Tuesday...the Pointer men's hockey team is 8-0 after winning two more games over the weekend. They play at Eau Claire this weekend.