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I don't mind watching

by Chris Tubbs

I’ve heard it both ways. Why should I watch pre-season NFL football? It’s boring. I’m not going to see the stars, so who cares? I get it. After all, who wants to feel as if they’re wasting their time by watching guys that won’t affect their fantasy team, and that they might not ever see again?

I’m going to flip it around. While sometimes it seems like it can be a grind, I will try and watch as much of the pre-season as I can. Why? Because I know that some of these guys are going to be contributors (albeit maybe nothing more than special teams), but I like to watch a guy progress through the season and figure where he might fit on my team.

I also think there is a unique intensity watching these games knowing that these individuals are playing for their jobs and livelihood.  It’s a privilege to play in the National Football League, and that isn’t lost on these players. This is the opportunity for an undrafted free agent or a late round pick from a small school to latch onto a roster. And even if they don’t make it, there is a chance to make the practice squad.

I’m not a cliché guy. But when I hear someone say “every snap counts”, I get it. Every move, play and step is analyzed by coaches and General Managers. And I like that “do or die” mentality. Ugh.. cliché.. 

For some of these players this is the last time they may put on a football uniform as well as the last chance to make a roster. The importance is not lost on these guys. Nonetheless, intensity is amped up, even if the talent level isn’t. And I’m fine with that.