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iOS7 Problems and how to fix them

by Kody Mac
I've been a happy iPhone user for 4 years now. Then came iOS7...

While I'm not thrilled with the color scheme and new animations, I enjoy the added functionality. The level feature has come in quite handy as I just moved to Michigan and I'm still setting up my apartment.

The worst thing though? Battery life. I don't know if it is the new animations, color scheme, or what, but the battery life has never been worse with my iPhone 5.

If you're having problems, there are many places you can look. Try here   There you can find 5 quick fixes for your battery life, iMessaging failures, lock screen bypass, and even the dreadful animation flu.

Here's another link  that could help you out. I've seen significant improvement in my battery life after making just a few changes.

Good luck!