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Bill Cosby...Back On TV?

by Doc Murphy

It worked in 80's, let's give it another shot.

NBC has announced that Bill Cosby might be returning to the Peacock network in a new sitcom.

Nothing is set yet, but word is that the 76 year old has gotten together with a writing staff to hammer out a script for a new 30-minute sitcom that would feature Mr. Cosby as the patriarch of a multi-generational family.

If you were alive in the 80's, you'll remember the HUGELY successful "The Cosby Show".  Sounds like NBC is hoping that lightening strikes twice.  CBS tried the same thing back in 1996 with "Cosby", which only ran for four seasons.  

In case you don't remember the original hit that ran for 8 seasons (1984-1992) here's a little reminder for you.