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Locked My Nephew in a Cage

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,

Last night I dreamed that I had locked my 3 or 4 year old nephew (he's 19 and a Marine now) in a cage for 3 days while I went on vacation. When I came back home he was emaciated and his skin was shredded and falling off his bones. I felt so horrible! I tried to feed him and clean him up. I woke up freaking out. Robin 33, Antwerp, OH

Lauri: Your nephew isnt playing himself so dont worry. Our dreams are always about our self and our own life. He probably represents something that you have caged up and neglected, perhaps a fun-loving carefree part of you or maybe some project or idea or endeavor that you have put aside while it was still growing and developing (hence the age of the child in your dream). Your dreaming mind may be using your nephew, the marine, to symbolize this because it is something you need to get militantly disciplined about now that you have decided to get back to it.

Robin replies: Thank you because I was taking it to a whole other level, thinking it was some kind of warning about my nephew or harm I may have caused him while he was younger. Last year I was going to school, dieting and exercising being very active in my church; just trying to work on me. I had an emergency surgery in January and everything I had been working on I tossed out the window. I've been going back to church and exercising again but the one thing I am having trouble with is going back to school. I failed my GED test in December and have been too anxious, frustrated and angry with myself to go back and try again. When I was working on my personal goals that was when I felt the best about myself. So I think what I neglected is me and the goals I set for myself. Thank you!

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