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Remembering Caitlyn

by Kim Brixton

Our hearts have been extremely heavy this past week....

Our dear young friend Caitlyn Jackson passed away over the weekend from an on again off again battle with leukemia. Both Caitlyn and her mother shared their story during the past two radio thon's on WIN 98-5 for St. Jude  preading their message of hope and crusading to raise awareness for childhood cancer. 

Caitlyn Jackson, a 6th grader at Lakeview Middle School in Battle Creek was first diagnosed three and a half years ago and successfully ‘kicked cancer in the butt’ after treatment. She technically kicked cancer’s 'can' a second time recently, after a successful bone marrow transplant but , sadly and tragically succumbed to a rare side effect that developed from rounds of chemo and radiation treatment prior to the transplant.

Her mother Melinda Jackson explains how the doctors who cared for Caitlyn were shocked when her daughters health took a turn for the worse about a week ago.

A devastating twist to the family’s tragedy unfolded just a day after Caitlyn passed. The negative ‘twist’ appears to be evolving into a positive spin and has made national news . Melinda tells us what happened and what is being done to celebrate ‘Caity-Bug’s’ life. 

Words aren't enough to express our gratitude to Melinda for talking to us, as she put it, "I have to do it for Caitlyn."  Her strength and courage are something to behold.  May the Jackson family be blessed beyond measure.