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Farmland Veldhuizen Explains Big Screen Next Generation Attitude

by Mark Brown

It's YOUR Agri-Business featured Ryan Veldhuizen---part of the Minnesota Pork Producer Family of the year in 2013 ---and now more than a feature farmer in the James Moll -FARMLAND movie.

The movie features Veldhuizen and five other youthful farmers around the country explaining the importance to consumers and other farmers -- why the torch has to be passed.

Ryan saw the movie when it was screened in New York City in April. He also was center stage when the movie was screen at the Century East Theatre at Dawley Farms on May 1st. The movie will be shown again Thursday May 15th.

The Veldhuizen family has been farming since 1911 in southwestern Minnesota. Now 4 generations Ryan explained that his parents -- Chris and Clare Veldhuizen -- older sister Melissa Prouty -- another sister Krista Bos and a younger brother CJ raise corn, wheat and soybeans and feed 30,000 hogs annually. Ryan is a 2010 graduate of SDSU --and was happy with his message portrayed on the big screen.

He explained that we are in "the glory days of agriculture and in it for life with all its rewards and risks."

Ryan is 27 years of age and when visiting on air with Roger Starks agreed that women are taking more and more of role in leadership on the farms.

Starks and his son Travis--Howalt McDowell --sponsors of the IGROW.org website continued the discussion about the change in agriculture that sees more planning for the future with a younger generation. Starks said he sees more younger people getting into farm management and is appreciative of what he sees.

Shannon Sand--SDSU Extension Livestock Business Management for the Ag CEO program was adding another wrinkle. AG CEO is an education opportunity for producers to continue to grow and develop their skills--equipping producers with management, financial and strategic planning tools to help them really thrive in the ag industry. The target is beginning farmers, ranchers but also hoping to entice producers to attend. Information is available at IGROW.org.

Trudy Wastweet -- South Dakota Deputy Agriculture Secretary unveiled the June 26-27th Governor's Agricultural Summit scheduled for Deadwood. Agriculture is a 21 billion dollar industry in South Dakota and brings people together at crucial time. More from Trudy and Ag Secretary Lucas Lentsch in the next few weeks. Lentsch, the Governor, and 9 South Dakota businesses are traveling China this week -- promoting South Dakota.

Roger DeRouchey--Plains Commerce Bank in Mitchell--talked crop alternatives and crop spreadsheets available thru Plains Commerce Bank. DeRouchey after a career at Mitchell Tech -- will help you looking at the alternatives thru the Plains spreadsheet.

The full Ag Show will be on podcast later today.