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Secretary Lentsch Talks China Trip

by Mark Brown

How important is weather to Agriculture?

The most talked about duo since Batman and Robin, Jeckyl and Hyde, Lone Ranger and Tonto.

Shawn Cable -- old school Meteorologist with the need to help those town and country be safe in times of severe weather. Nancy Nave Brown -- his morning co-host who went nation and world wide last week after they interrupted the final minutes of an ABC program.

Calls were ugly --- Nancy turned on her Orange City charm and told those listening everywhere that saving a life is more important than a story on television.

Among the losses a dairy farm -- but a family that was pleased that Shawn cared enough to listen and talk.

Shawn joins us this morning -- maybe with Nancy -- to answer our questions about Agriculture and weather.

The Starks from Howalt McDowell will weigh in on the importance of having enough coverage during weather disruptions ---

Rocky Boer--Plains Commerce talks importance of weather and coverage as well.

Ryan Molitor--Raven preceeds an interview with Secretary of AGriculture Lucas Lentsch -- just back from China. Raven just acquired a Netherlands location. Molitor will outline some important tools Raven has for farmers you should know about.

Rock Nelson-- who handles International Trade for Sioux Falls Chamber --explains the beauty of having a Raven tie to the Netherlands --and importance of the Governor's China trip.

Scott Varilek--Kooima Kaemingk Commodities gives us the side rows of the morning commodity report.

Craig Markhardt has the loan snap shot of the day -- preceeding the last night of the Parade of Homes. Todd Neuberger Edward Jones has the Main Street to Wall Street report.

Rob Leer--Dakota Construction reports on the search for trade talent across South Dakota in Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, Pierre, and Rapid City.

Finally--Lucas Lentsch--Secretary of Agriculture -- after briefing his staff in the 10:00 hour joins us with a report on the China chatter.