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Innovative Design Effective Advice Marketing

Welcome to Innovative Design Effective Advice Marketing & Promotions or as we say IDEA. We appreciate your visit and hope you make the wise decision to do business with us, as we try to provide you the most innovative, cost effective, easy to use, self managed, Internet based advertising solution available. By purchasing your IDEA Digital Real-Estate you become owner of our Maxus Digital display for at least 64 minutes per day in all locations. These digital property rights grant you the privilege of showing content which includes but not limited to, Sound, Graphics, Video, Images, Motion, Text, Animations, and Transitions, with all the capabilites of a television commercial but costing less than 1% of it. This value allows you to influence the locations atmosphere, thus creating the benefit of impacting consumers who are present. It may not sound like much but remember you will have at least 64 minutes per day and it takes on average 2 minutes to serve each customer in our locations, usually multiple customers are present at any one time, this allows for lots of exposure. It is proven that on average it takes up to 7 influences to turn a prospect into a customer. Our digital displays allow for that repeat exposure. The Digital Real-Estate service is powerful, and our Maxus & Handle community is designed to retain the attention of consumers, adding one more effective measure to your already brilliant for advertising. The digital Real Estate Maxus Animated Billboard is your opportunity to own property in high trafficked places throughout the city of Kalamazoo. These high trafficked locations are also on the most frequently traveled roads in the city, to insure that our host locations meet the criteria of seeing over 500 plus consumers each day of the week. The Maxus billboard display with its shelving gives yet another advantage to our customers as we place impulse buy items on the shelving areas to draw consumers to the Maxus, and the advertisement being shown. This combination of high trafficked locations, on highly trafficked roads, with impulse products on the shelving, gives IDEA customers the best solution for success Because consumers are less likely to travel more than 5 miles away from their homes IDEA offers its clients demographics data on the markets our Maxus billboards are located, to assist our companies in appealing to the interest, concerns, and the utility of these specific groups. Our data is founded on research and statistics taking the guess work out of your marketing efforts. So sign up, create your self managed account and lets get started on your digital marketing campaign today!!! We are looking forward to serving you and welcome you to the family. Sincerely, CEO Credell Jackson

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PO Box 19105
Kalamazoo MI 49019

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